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    Aug 24, 2017
    Built this carry all over the weekend to sit on top of my box blade. My 40 year old Yanmar tractor lacks the creature comforts and niceties of modern tractors, notably a way to carry any tools or gear. I built the carry all to be able to haul gear into the woods for tree cutting and limbing, path clearing, and to haul log sections back to the splitter for making firewood.

    Entire thing was made from pallet wood, except for a few pieces of 2x6 scrap leftover from our new home construction. Still needs a coat of paint, and I'm going to add some fixtures for holding axes, shovels, timberjack, chain, etc., but it works great.

    HF tools used: Drill bits, aluminum rafter square, safety glasses.

    box blade carry all 4.jpg
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    May 5, 2018
    looks great.

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