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    Item Name: Quantum Headlamp QHL-310
    Price: $9.99 on sale ($19.99 regular price)

    My last headlamp broke so I figured I'd try out this one since it was on sale. So far I really like it but I haven't had a chance to take it on a camping trip or night fishing trip where it would normally get used. It's definitely bright enough for me, and I really like the focusing feature so you can adjust it to where you're looking. My old lights all had a fixed focus on them, and most of them cost more than this one.

    One thing that is a little different from other headlamps is that the battery compartment is separate from the light. There is a small wire that runs from the light in the front to the battery compartment on the back, I'll include a picture below. It runs off 3 standard AAA batteries. The light has three settings: Bright, Dim, and Strobe. I included some pictures of the brightest setting with different focus settings.


    Dark Room with only ambient light:

    Headlight on Brightest setting and minimum focus setting:

    Headlight on Brightest setting and maximum focus setting:
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