Hercules Price Drop?

Discussion in 'Power Tools' started by rbstern, Apr 17, 2018.

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    Aug 24, 2017
    Just got a mailer from HF with a coupon for the Hercules compact drill/driver, discounted to $89. It's the cheapest I've seen it to date.

    Watched a couple of Youtube reviews, one in which the drill outperformed both Dewalt and Milwaukee drills, and another where the drill was completely dissected by a guy who understands the engineering side of building tools, and the quality was pronounced to be pretty reasonable, although he criticized the battery capacity being overrated.

    Personally, I think HF is still going to have to drop the price just a tad more on Hercules branded stuff. Buying the second battery for the drill/driver still puts it within close range of Dewalt and Ridgid, pricing, and some other tool lines that are either prosumer or pro level. Ryobi has also upped the game with their brushless lineup, which further muddies the water. On some items, like the Hercules double bevel 12" miter, as well made as it looks, it's simply too pricey: People will trust Hitachi and Dewalt equivalents more in that price range, when it comes to dropping three or four Benjamins on a tool.

    But, not to sound too negative, I love what HF is doing with these products.


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