Deep Impact Socket Sets

Discussion in 'Hand Tools' started by rbstern, Sep 8, 2022.

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    Aug 24, 2017
    Had some very stubborn mower blade bolts to deal with on our zero turn. I've had them off before, but I couldn't find my big crescent wrench, and no amount of beating on a smaller crescent wrench was working to loosen the bolts.

    Picked up the Pittsburgh 1/2" deep impact socket set in both SAE and Metric. They were on sale, and I had a 25% off one item members club coupon. My total cost was about $40 for the two sets. They're ugly, but they work.

    Already had the Warrior impact socket adapter to 1/4" impact driver set. Stuck the 1/2" adapter into my Ryobi brushless impact. Popped on the 1 1/16" from the SAE set, and a minute later, all three stuck bolts were off.

    Why didn't I buy these years ago? How many busted knuckles I might have saved.

    Home Depot's Husky branded set, which look exactly the same, are nearly three times the price.

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